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Labotel is a solution service provider to contractors. Innovative and intelligent, and part of Al Otaiba Enterprises Chaired by Mr. Otaiba bin Saeed Al Otaiba. Labotel not only accommodates laborers by simply giving them beds to rest and sleep but the facility itself is built, and managed to support resident laborers with far beyond the average accommodation facilities. Labotel provides inclusive solutions by design. Our solution covers all the required value-added services and facilities, Clients require to support their workforce. Labotel works to free both the contractors and the laborers alike from all domestic burdens.

What amenities are most important for Staff Accommodation in Abu Dhabi?


Staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi and other emirates in UAE must abide by the regulations promulgated by the authority from time to time. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) in the UAE has amended the stipulations regarding labor accommodations in the country. Promulgated in 2022, all entities are supposed to ensure the specifications mentioned. Notwithstanding, the Labotel workers village in Abu Dhabi has always been pursuing the authority’s guidelines in true letter and spirit. That is why we have been the most chosen staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi.

Important Amenities for a Staff Accommodation in Abu Dhabi

As per the MoHRE directives, the following amenities and dimensional requirements must be met by the labor villages in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other emirates in the country. The basic instruction is that every firm that has 50 or more workers earning less than AED 1500 per month must extend accommodation facilities for the employees.

Further specifications are:

  • Ventilation and Air-conditioning – The staff accommodation in Abu Dhabi and other emirates must have adequate ventilation systems and a centralized ac. Exhaust fans in bathrooms, enough windows in bedrooms, and a proper ventilation system in specific rooms and kitchens must be ensured. The humidity should be maintained between 30 to 60%. You may visit Labotel workers village in Abu Dhabi to know how exactly an employee accommodation should be.
  • Lighting – Ample lighting in rooms, walkways, balconies, kitchen, and other areas. Energy-saving lights must be preferred. Lighting should not cause hindrance to pedestrians.
  • Bedrooms – The dimensions of the bedrooms have been specified by the authority. The ultimate aim is to ensure a comfortable living space for the workers. The dimensional specifications must be maintained by staff accommodations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates in the UAE. Furthermore, the design specs of the bedrooms are also mentioned in the promulgated order. Labotel workers village in Abu Dhabi has been following all these guidelines thoroughly. 
  • Bathrooms – The order specifies the number of bathrooms, the dimensions, etc.
  • Kitchens – The kitchens must be ventilated adequately, and should follow sanitary guidelines in force. Pest control methods must be ensured in the kitchen.
  • In addition, the order stipulates specifications on dining rooms, restrooms, medical service rooms, laundry, and public health requirements.

To know more about the important amenities in staff accommodation, you may visit the Labotel workers village in Abu Dhabi.