About us

Labotel is a solution service provider to contractors. Innovative and intelligent, and part of Al Otaiba Enterprises Chaired by Mr. Otaiba bin Saeed Al Otaiba. Labotel not only accommodates laborers by simply giving them beds to rest and sleep but the facility itself is built, and managed to support resident laborers with far beyond the average accommodation facilities. Labotel provides inclusive solutions by design. Our solution covers all the required value-added services and facilities, Clients require to support their workforce. Labotel works to free both the contractors and the laborers alike from all domestic burdens.

How staff accommodation positively impacts the workforce


The UAE authorities have stipulated the accommodation standards to be ensured for the labourers. Every ex-pat worker should be provided with a comfortable living space, with all the amenities. Nevertheless, this needs to be properly maintained many a time. Widely accepted workers accommodations in Abu Dhabi, like Labotel, are strict in keeping the accommodation area clean and all the facilities functioning properly. The space available for each inhabitant is also affirmed by maintaining the strength in each labor camp in Abu Dhabi to the preferred limit.
Do you know that a congested and poorly maintained stay can affect the employee’s productivity?
Yes, it can. Most of the time employers are not aware of this fact. Moreover, they believe that the accommodation service they have hired would be maintaining a healthy and comfortable space for their staff members’ stay.
We suggest undertaking periodic inspections at the workers accommodation, Abu Dhabi to ascertain the living standards. Not all the accommodation providers are as reliable as we are. A serene, optimistic, and pleasant living space positively impacts the workforce. Let’s see how the labor village enhances the productivity of the laborers.
1. A Place to Rejuvenate
The labor camp is not just a place to eat, sleep and do routine jobs. But, the accommodation should offer a joyful environment, wherein the worker can vent the tiredness of the day’s jobs. The ex-pats are working away from their family. The only means for ensuring their positive state of mind is to provide a space to remain active, interact with their family over the phone, and create relationships with fellow co-workers and other inhabitants.
2. Lack of Facilities Affect their Rest
The worker's accommodation in Abu Dhabi or any other location in the UAE must be facilitated with all the amenities. It should not be that the individual has to go around the city for meeting their varying requirements. The time spent going out, finding the store or facility, etc. would reduce the time available for their rest. Lack of adequate rest can directly impact their next day’s performance. Their productivity would start going down as a result, which would not be good for the company.
3. Hygienic Living Space, Kitchen, and Recreation Rooms
A properly cleaned and maintained living space, kitchen, recreation room, and other premises would keep the workforce happy. Imagine waking up to a stinking room or consuming food from a kitchen that is not following the right cleaning protocols. It would not be advisable anyways. Consequently, the inhabitants would not be reaching the worksite with a mindset. At the same time, a tidy and healthy accommodation would automatically make the employees happy and energetic. Their enthusiasm to work would go up, aiding the company to boost production.
4. Unwanted Rush can be Avoided
It is a long-discussed reality that many a time the workers’ accommodation in Abu Dhabi and other emirates are overcrowded. Resulting in an avoidable rush in the rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, recreation rooms, etc. It would be highly advantageous for the employer if they can ensure a sufficiently spaced employee accommodation. An unwanted rush can create negativity in the inhabitants’ minds and adversely affect their performance. Of late, employers also started realizing this very factor. That is why they have been opting for highly regarded workers' accommodation in Abu Dhabi. Labotel has been the top accommodation service provider in the region at affordable rates. Happy to serve prominent clients, we maintain spacious, comfortable, and positive labor village.
Are you concerned about the diminishing performance of your workforce? It might be due to the difficulties they have been facing in their labor camps. Think of changing their accommodation and opt for a reliable, pleasant, and serene one like Labotel.
We would be happy to offer you reasonably-priced labor accommodation in Abu Dhabi. for more details, call us now.